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the green at the end of the tunnel

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NY-2010 Park-2010

Street Walker

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A Hotel  Ceiling A View of a Room  Gallery Glam  Face

Mermaid Parade

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Endless Summer Fishes Flying Wonder Wheel Crowd Clowns boardwalk Jesus Saves More Fishes

life, unexpected

Posted in photography by Michele Piazza on August 28, 2008

So I’m still trying to clean up my computer – hundreds and hundreds of files (especially photos) all jumbled in the black hole that’s my hardrive. What’s fun about this is coming across pictures I forgot that I’d taken. Like this one. A day getting lost in Pasadena and the peacock that stood in my way.  Finding it, an unexpected reminder to expect the unexpected. (He looks to me like a showgirl on The Price Is Right – “And here, behind door number one, we have three lovely sedans…”)

I’m thinking of submitting it to the JPG Magazine theme: Which of these things doesn’t belong… that is, if I’m ever able to find the file in high resolution (as I frantically do a search on my C Drive)

what we remember…

Posted in inspiration by Michele Piazza on August 25, 2008

The below photos are not my own. I came across them along with many blurry others – equally wonderful – in a found collection called “What We Remember” at the site SquareAmerica.com

Its funny to me, the way we struggle to remember each detail of things. The constant quest for crisper real-life photography. A more precise documentation. The most fail-proof means of archive like to bypass our minds’ own inferior memory system. Comparatively speaking.

But maybe we’re not meant to remember so clearly. Maybe its some kind of emotional survival to gloss over the bad parts of our past. Blur out the mundane. Filter facts down to that beautiful, soft and warm little core of the moment – of the person – the place – because, without it, moving on might be hard. Also, forgiveness. Or acceptance.

Or maybe what this is about is really just some really awesome old photographs.

lovely past believing

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Words on walls inside New York’s Central Park Zoo taken on a rainy afternoon last August, re-found almost a year to the day while cleaning up files on my laptop. This is what I love about pictures, the re-discovery part.

a trip to the book store

Posted in writing by Michele Piazza on August 5, 2008

While at Barnes & Noble: $24 for a book on how to name characters? Seems to me, if you need this, maybe you shouldn’t be writing. See also, How To Write Funny.

writer’s block…

Posted in artwork, writing by Michele Piazza on July 18, 2008

I haven’t written a single new word of my novel in almost two months. People are asking (so I’ve stopped replying to emails.) Last night, I skipped workshop because there was nothing new to read, nothing the group hasn’t already heard a dozen incarnations of. It’s not that I’ve stopped loving my story. (It’s like a child, I have no other option.) But this world in my head, I either see it or hear it. Right now, I see it. Fantastic. This is getting me nowhere….

pictures of birds

its nothing personal…

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