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Posted in Uncategorized by Michele Piazza on November 24, 2008

… marriage is a civil right.

On November 1st, we threw a wedding party for my friends Rubi & Sally.  I contributed the flowers. (Purchased at Whole Foods the night before, assembled in my kitchen, dead and black in my fridge by morning. Luckily, most things go faster the 2nd time around.) The day was exhausting, but beautiful.

On November 5th, angry and heartbroken, we hit the streets of West Hollywood to protest the passing of Proposition 8. And again that weekend at Hollywood & Highland. A lot of people have asked me what I thought this accomplished. I don’t know. For me, it was a chance to stand behind my friends, licking our wounds in the comfort of a community, gathered to ask for the one thing seemingly lost in today’s world: the freedom to love and be loved. As they are. As we all are. And it felt good.

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what we remember…

Posted in inspiration by Michele Piazza on August 25, 2008

The below photos are not my own. I came across them along with many blurry others – equally wonderful – in a found collection called “What We Remember” at the site SquareAmerica.com

Its funny to me, the way we struggle to remember each detail of things. The constant quest for crisper real-life photography. A more precise documentation. The most fail-proof means of archive like to bypass our minds’ own inferior memory system. Comparatively speaking.

But maybe we’re not meant to remember so clearly. Maybe its some kind of emotional survival to gloss over the bad parts of our past. Blur out the mundane. Filter facts down to that beautiful, soft and warm little core of the moment – of the person – the place – because, without it, moving on might be hard. Also, forgiveness. Or acceptance.

Or maybe what this is about is really just some really awesome old photographs.