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worm-noodle soup

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It’s a sunny, so-cal Friday afternoon in mid-February (while the rest of the country is slow-globed) and I’m listening to sad, indie-folk-rendered Christmas songs because that’s what’s circulated through on my iTunes. I could change it, but I think I like holidays best at inappropriate times of the year. Times of exceptional inappropriateness being immediately following the holiday, but not so soon after that it could be considered a lingering after-effect. It’s the difference between (a) leaving your jack-o-lantern on the porch until it rots, and (b) throwing it away on November 1st to carve a new one on December 5th. If that makes any sense.

It probably doesn’t.

The purpose of this blog post is nothing. Bloggity blog blog! I don’t do it enough. Or I do it too much. Either way. I just thought I’d stick something up here, like breaking the seal or mold or your grandmother’s  “good” crystal vase. Maybe I should just go back to eating my corn chips and soup.


gay straight black or white

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… marriage is a civil right.

On November 1st, we threw a wedding party for my friends Rubi & Sally.  I contributed the flowers. (Purchased at Whole Foods the night before, assembled in my kitchen, dead and black in my fridge by morning. Luckily, most things go faster the 2nd time around.) The day was exhausting, but beautiful.

On November 5th, angry and heartbroken, we hit the streets of West Hollywood to protest the passing of Proposition 8. And again that weekend at Hollywood & Highland. A lot of people have asked me what I thought this accomplished. I don’t know. For me, it was a chance to stand behind my friends, licking our wounds in the comfort of a community, gathered to ask for the one thing seemingly lost in today’s world: the freedom to love and be loved. As they are. As we all are. And it felt good.

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lovely past believing

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Words on walls inside New York’s Central Park Zoo taken on a rainy afternoon last August, re-found almost a year to the day while cleaning up files on my laptop. This is what I love about pictures, the re-discovery part.

its nothing personal…

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smart marketing I’m jealous of

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Author Augusten Burroughs has released his new memoir, A Wolf at the Table, on audiobook through Itunes – which features four all new songs “inspired by” the book. I hate listening to books on tape (or mp3 or whatever the kids are calling it now), and of the four artists contributing songs, the only one I even sort of like is Teagan Quin – but sheer genius of this almost has me sold. Almost.


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If I had my own cooking show, it would go something like this:

The trick to reheating Chinese is the rice. For years, I refused taking home left over rice to avoid that dried out fiber brick it turned into after time in the fridge. Now I know, the trick to reviving dead rice is you add water.

First: dump the block in a bowl; break it up with a fork; drizzle water on top and mix well. Microwave until warm. (The exact time will very depending on how nuclear your particular at-home reactor radiates. Mine is about one minute on high.)

Next: add the main course. Be sure to cover it with something like wax paper or nuclear-resistant cling film – it keeps the moisture in and your microwave clean. Microwave until warm. Mix it around. Microwave again until hot.

Now let it cool while you check your email and wash your face. Notice the toothpaste splatters on your bathroom mirror and get out the Windex, a rag. Notice the laundry you did over the weekend never got folded. Stop to fold it. Forget the Chinese.

After 45 minutes, an hour, maybe you remember the Chinese. Take a bite. Stick it back in the reactor for one minute to reheat – but hit ten minutes instead. Walk away. Call your mom.

Throw the leftover, dried-out and glowing Chinese in the trash.

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I’m such a pussy sometimes. This article made me cry. At my desk. At work. Someone please take away my internet access before I embarrass myself any further.

All I say on the subject is this: Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to hate someone (anyone) in the name of god?

A link to the article:
Church plans to protest ledger’s memorial

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happy 2008

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New year. Fresh start. Clean slate.