Michele Sherin Piazza

worm-noodle soup

Posted in Uncategorized by Michele Piazza on February 13, 2010

It’s a sunny, so-cal Friday afternoon in mid-February (while the rest of the country is slow-globed) and I’m listening to sad, indie-folk-rendered Christmas songs because that’s what’s circulated through on my iTunes. I could change it, but I think I like holidays best at inappropriate times of the year. Times of exceptional inappropriateness being immediately following the holiday, but not so soon after that it could be considered a lingering after-effect. It’s the difference between (a) leaving your jack-o-lantern on the porch until it rots, and (b) throwing it away on November 1st to carve a new one on December 5th. If that makes any sense.

It probably doesn’t.

The purpose of this blog post is nothing. Bloggity blog blog! I don’t do it enough. Or I do it too much. Either way. I just thought I’d stick something up here, like breaking the seal or mold or your grandmother’s  “good” crystal vase. Maybe I should just go back to eating my corn chips and soup.


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